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Everything is welcome

We are celebrating valid PRs of any kind, from documentations to aesthetics to, of course, code in any .NET open source project.

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Hacktoberfest rules!

We are following the Hacktoberfest participation rules.

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Unsure where to start?

Start with a pull request to the .NET PR Tracker project!

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What is a pull request?

A pull request is a way to submit contributions to code.

A pull request is created when a developer asks for changes committed to an external repository (or a ‘fork’) to be considered for inclusion in a project’s main repository.

Check out GitHub's article about pull requests for more information.

How do I submit a pull request?

Check out this helpful video from community member and MVP Luce Carter on how to make a pull request.

What is .NET?

.NET is an open-source, cross-platform software framework developed by Microsoft.

Check out the following links to learn more:

I'm a front end developer, can I help?


Many .NET projects such as this one have plenty of front-endy stuff whether you tinker with HTML and CSS or you're a full-blown JavaScript developer.

This website is currently styled using Tailwind CSS as a bit of an experiment. See what you can do with Tailwind CSS utility classes without writing any bespoke CSS!

Thank you .NET Foundation

Raffle prizes kindly donated by the .NET Foundation.

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More inspiration

Checkout this blog from the JetBrains crew with some cool suggestions for open source .NET projects to work on.